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Let's Work Together!

Beginning with the Holiday 2021 concert season and for the foreseeable future, Redmond Chorale is suspending its attendance policy (see below).  Please do not attend choir with symptoms of illness or if you have recently been exposed to a person with COVID-19.  We we reevaluate this policy prior to each season. 

You are allowed a maximum of three missed regular rehearsals during each season if you plan to perform. The dress rehearsal and all performances are mandatory, including special event or festival performances, unless otherwise noted. There are no exceptions to this policy, though the Board and Artistic Director reserve the right to recommend a special committee to make an exception in an emergency.


Singers who miss three or fewer rehearsals, attend dress rehearsal, and are available to sing each concert are invited to perform. If your schedule does not permit you to perform during a season, you are always welcome to rehearse with us, with the understanding that you will abstain from the concert season's performances. You are also warmly invited to rejoin for the next concert season; we have three concert seasons per year.


As you consider your availability, be prepared for unexpected illnesses or travels and please account for time conflicts with the dress rehearsal and performance dates. While personal diligence is important in the music learning process, the ultimate success of our choir is dependent upon our singing together in the same place at the same time--we need the experience of singing WITH you!

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