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Founded in 2010 by Dr. Laurie De Leonne, Redmond Chorale has sung repertoire in more than 15 languages and from more than 30 cultures and has connected with diverse musical audiences by featuring in past concerts: A bluegrass band, international NY award-winning choir “Ghostlight,” the Irish band “The Fire Inside,” and many area instrumentalists and guest vocalists. Redmond Chorale’s dual mission of artistic excellence and community outreach has provided introductory stage time and proceeds to local charities crosspollinating the chorale and choral audience with local nonprofit organizations.


Did you know that the Redmond Chorale sang for the President and First Lady in 2015?  Seattle's own Choral Arts sang a personal, private concert in the White House and delivered an "Audio Christmas Card" that included our performance of "Huron Carol" from that fall's GSCC festival allowing us to sing for them in absentia. 

Choral Arts writes:  "We were successful in our goal of personally delivering holiday greetings to both of our Senators, Reps. McDermott and Kilmer, as well as President Obama! The cover letter we assembled is attached, and here is a the SoundCloud link to the final compilation. THANK YOU ALL so much for your participation - I can’t tell you how well this effort was received back East in the other Washington."


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