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Looking for New Members

How to Join

Redmond Chorale accepts new members for the first three weeks of each rehearsal season. Come sit in on a rehearsal and then join our director for a truly painless audition. The best way to learn about our choir is to come join a rehearsal. Find information about our current season here


Redmond Chorale is a semi-auditioned, adult voice choir building community through music. We encourage people of all backgrounds to join us, and no formal training is necessary. Many of our members are experienced and seasoned musicians while for many others singing in the Redmond Chorale is their first experience performing as part of a rehearsed ensemble. We invite anyone who wants a sense of musical community to join us!

  • When can I join?
    We accept new members during the first three weeks of rehearsals for a concert season. Rehearsals are Monday nights from 7pm-9pm at the Church of Holy Cross Episcopal in Redmond (11526 162nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052). Watch our website and social media pages for season start dates or check our online calendar.
  • How do I join? (auditions)
    Redmond Chorale Redmond Chorale is a "semi-auditioned" ensemble. For interested new singers, simply come at 7PM to one of the first three Monday night rehearsals at the start of a concert season and stay after rehearsal for a truly painless 10 minute group audition! You do not need to prepare a piece to sing. The group audition will consist of vocalization exercises. See our online calendar for specific dates and times. Redmond Chamber Singers *Redmond Chorale Chamber Singers are suspended for the 2021-2022 season. Redmond Chorale recently launched the Redmond Chamber Singers, an auditioned small ensemble distinct from the main choir. Singers who enroll for the entire 3-season Redmond Chorale concert year are invited to audition for the Redmond Chamber Singers. The Redmond Chamber Singers are re-auditioned every year in the fall, regardless of past participation, with the goal of forming a balanced ensemble who will remain together throughout the choral year. To audition, prepare a piece to sing unaccompanied (past auditionees have sung Amazing Grace, Danny Boy, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, etc) and then you and Dr. Laurie will do some warm-ups, sight singing, and an ear/echo "test." Total (private) audition time is 15 minutes, times/locations are varied. Details and signup link are sent in the fall ShoutOut.
  • When and where are rehearsals?
    ​See our online calendar for specific dates and times. Typically, rehearsals are 7-9 pm every Monday at Church of Holy Cross Episcopal in Redmond (11526 162nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052).
  • What does it cost to join?
    Redmond Chorale is non-profit arts organization supported by member and community donations. Membership Options: $85 for current concert season, plus an hour of choir service.* $300 for the Redmond Chamber Singers (includes main choir payment.) *Choir service = rehearsal set-up/clean-up, help from family/friend on your behalf, committee or board member, etc. If this financial donation presents a financial burden that would hinder your participating with us, please inquire about a partial scholarship or similar assistance. We accept online payments as well as credit card, cash, or check at our first few rehearsals. This donation is fully deductible and is eligible for corporate matching funds from your or your spouse's employer who participates in matching donations. For this reason, donations are non-refundable.
  • Who should join?
    Anyone wanting an opportunity to sing and perform, regardless of level of experience, should join the Redmond Chorale. The Redmond Chorale is a semi-auditioned performance group. Many members have musical backgrounds (studied music history or played guitar, for example) previous choral experience, but some are new enthusiasts! Redmond Chorale has a full spectrum of experience. We welcome teens through retirees, and have several families sing all together with us. With us, you will find a kind group of people joined together in a common love of music and community. Each concert season presents a new opportunity to sing with us. Redmond Chorale is distinguishing itself as a musical community on the Eastside and in Greater Seattle. As our favorite emcee says when we are introduced, "We are more than a community choir... we are the Community's Choir!"
  • Do I need to have experience singing in order to join?
    A typical new singer might think/say "My voice is rusty after years of not singing." "My voice is different than it used to be." "I don't know how to read music." To this, we reply "JOIN US!" These are surprisingly temporary conditions. The most musical choirs are made up of individuals with individual voices and qualities. We encourage people of all backgrounds to join us, and no formal training is necessary. We invite people who want a sense of musical community, and for many of our members, singing in the Redmond Chorale is their very first experience performing as part of a rehearsed ensemble.
  • How many performances do you give?
    The Redmond Chorale performs two concerts a year: a holiday concert in early December, and a spring concert in mid-April. Members can sing for one or two concerts as your schedule allows. Usually people start and then get hooked and decide to stay for all! See our homepage for the season overview.
  • What is the attendance policy?
    Our attendance policy has been suspended till further notice. Singers are encouraged to make responsible choices for the health of all participants and should plan to stay home if sick. However, we hope singers consider joining the chorale to be a commitment of their time and recommend missing no more than two rehearsals per season as long as health and wellness allow. Rehearsing together is essential to creating excellent musical experiences.
  • What are rehearsals like?
    We open the rehearsal with group warmups. Sometimes we hold sectionals (small group rehearsals divided up by voice type). There is always a pianist at rehearsals and as-needed for performances, and sometimes the repertoire calls for other instruments. Our Director Laurie is hilarious. It's fun!
  • How can I stay informed about upcoming auditions and rehearsals?
    Check our website, follow us on Facebook, or contact us to say informed.

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Ready to Join?

Ready to join for the season? We request an $85.00 donation to join. This donation supports the arts community by helping us pay the incredible musicians who lead and support our choir as director, accompanist, and section leaders.

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